Perumal Pedavoli Architects | Oran Park High School & Public School

Oran Park High School & Public School

Cost: $67M

Completed: Current

Head Design Consultant for a new 2,000 student high school and expansion of the existing adjacent 600 student public school to accommodate 1,000 students.
The project is being developed as an integrated K-12 school.

The perimeter building form defines the street edge and creates protected courtyard play spaces. The middle school wing utilises the natural topography to create a link to the public school, reinforcing the idea of a connected K-12 campus. Inherent in the engaging landscape design are references to the Oran Park Raceway that was previously located in Oran Park. The Innovation Hub houses the creative, hands on and scientific learning spaces, providing students with a flexible centre for exploration. The complimentary learning hubs provide small, medium and large scale spaces gathered around shared learning and maker spaces to establish a framework for an adaptable learning environment.